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How AI Could Transform Mental Health Care

Mainul Mondal, CEO and Founder of Ellipsis Health, joined Llyod Minor, Dean of Stanford University School of Medicine, Betsy Stade, clinical psychologist and postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University, and Jodi Halpern, Professor of bioethics and chancellor's chair at University of California, Berkeley in KQED Forum led by Priya David Clemens, to discuss how AI is being used in mental healthcare now and what future use may look like.

These experts reviewed some of the most exciting advancements and pressing challenges with AI in healthcare, digging into the following questions and more:

  • What are the considerations around the ethical, responsible, and equitable use of AI?

  • How will AI solve mental health access issues?

  • In what ways can AI improve patient and provider satisfaction while also increasing efficiency and high quality of care?

Listen to the full conversation here to learn how Ellipsis Health can support better mental health care at scale.


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