The Beginnings

An ellipsis (...)  conveys something that remains unsaid.


In 2017, our co-founders Mainul Mondal and Dr. Mike Aratow were spending time in safety-net hospitals throughout California and realized a simple fact. In healthcare, depression, anxiety, and emotional health dramatically impact patients lives, but too often remain unsaid.


But what if we could harness what is being said--the human voice--to uncover the unsaid?


With that idea, Ellipsis Health was born to quantify behavioral health in a way never before imagined.


And we are only beginning…

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Meet the Ellipsis team


Founder & CEO

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Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

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Co-Founder, Chief Growth Officer & Chief Operating Officer


Chief Science Officer


Chief Innovation Officer


Chief Technology Officer


VP Clinical Engagement


VP Strategic Accounts & Client Services

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Head of Behavioral Health