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Leading the Charge to Revolutionize Mental Health Care

Mainul I Mondal, Founder and CEO of Ellipsis Health

As we celebrate the close of our Series A funding round, The Ellipsis Health team extends our gratitude to all of our investors, partners and employees who have championed our vision from the beginning. Their support enables us to embark on a new and critical chapter as we strive to make emotional wellbeing attainable for everyone and eliminate the stigma associated with behavioral health conditions.

We have the tools to pioneer a new clinical standard and to remove the guesswork surrounding mental health care. At Ellipsis Health, we have combined scientific leadership and deep clinical expertise to drive the industry into a brighter and more equitable tomorrow. We can level the playing field and ensure all people can achieve mentally and physically healthy lives with our voice vital sign, which enables:

  • Providers, who are stretched to their limits, to identify patients who have yet been identified with a behavioral health condition and monitor those who are already receiving treatment.

  • Health plans to identify members who are at-risk and in need of care.

  • Employers to keep a pulse on employee mental wellbeing.

  • Individuals to better understand their emotions and record responses to questions without judgment in the comfort of their own homes.

The time is now for us all to band together and address the tidal wave of consequences associated with undiagnosed behavioral health conditions. We can no longer ignore the far too many people who are suffering in silence – their struggles undetected by both their loved ones and medical providers. As a society, we must embrace and promote the power of measurement-based mental health care. We, along with our innovative and forward-thinking partners including Cigna Corporation’s international business, are dedicated to advancing voice technology for behavioral health treatment and revolutionizing access to depression and anxiety identification and management.

To meet our lofty goals, we are also excited to continue building our amazing team. At Ellipsis Health, we understand that medicine is truly a combination of art and science, and we have created a multidisciplinary team that spans disciplines from science to sociology to anthropology. As we grow and extend our impact to help even more people, we will remain committed to recruiting talent from different training backgrounds and diverse dimensions of society.

We know there is much work to be done to change the mental health landscape. We are motivated by the promise of digital health tools to help create a world that removes the shame associated with mental health conditions and promotes a kinder and healthier global community.

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