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Healthcare IT Today: Clinically Validated Vital Signs for Mental Health

Our Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer Susan Solinsky was interviewed by John Lynn for's IT Today.

“It’s great to see how Ellipsis Health is using technology and your voice to create a clinically validated vital sign for your mental health. Diabetics have a blood sugar level. Heart patients can look at blood pressure. What do behavioral health patients have?”...

John goes on to say “What’s cool about Ellipsis Health is that it can be embedded in any healthcare application. They aren’t trying to boil the ocean themselves, but can layer their solution on top of any other app. It’s not hard to see how a telehealth company could integrate their assessment during a patient intake. The same is true for all the new digital front door companies that are checking patients in for appointments. Why not layer this mental health assessment on to the check-in process? Insurance companies could include this in their portals to help their members get help if needed. I could keep going, but you get the idea.”

Here is the video and link to the full article...


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