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Ellipsis Health: Locked-In on Privacy and Security

At Ellipsis Health, we understand that trust is integral to the patient experience, and that is why security and privacy are part of our core values. We have designed our pioneering artificial intelligence-powered, speech-based vital sign to quantify and manage depression and anxiety symptoms at scale with privacy at the forefront, and we are committed to ensuring patients’ personal information is completely safe.

Through use of our Rising Higher app, patients consent to sharing patient-generated health data (PGHD), which means health-related data that is created, recorded or gathered by or from patients to help address a health concern. However, not just any patient can use Ellipsis Health. Healthcare providers must thoughtfully prescribe the solution to their patients to identify and monitor behavioral health conditions in between clinical encounters. After the patient responds to a few simple lifestyle-related questions, Rising Higher creates behavioral health vital signs by detecting anxiety or depression symptoms via dual acoustic and semantic-based assessments of patient speech – providing critical behavioral health monitoring to improve health outcomes. Providers are then granted secure access to the patient’s audio recordings and the machine learning-generated results to help inform their clinical decisions for more individualized and meaningful patient care.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, having a clinical encounter has become more burdensome and more patients than ever are seeking access to mental health professionals and treatment. A patient resource like Rising Higher can transform how depression and anxiety symptoms are identified, treated and understood. With so many consumer options in the market today, patients should be aware of what they are consenting to and who is listening or reviewing their PGHD. Ellipsis Health supports a trusted patient-to-provider relationship enabling them to extend their relationship beyond the four walls of the doctor’s office in a safe and secure way.

Our Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant Rising Higher app enables patients and their prescribing providers to feel confident when recording responses during our voice vital signs assessments. By complying with HIPAA’s Privacy and Security Rules, individuals’ health information is properly protected while still allowing data flow and new technology adoption, which is critical for providing efficient, high-quality healthcare. Recordings of patients’ natural speech are fed into our semantic and acoustic deep learning models and stored in encrypted form using the military grade AES-256 encryption to protect the data from unauthorized use.

Users can rest assured that their files are protected from loss with data availability typically greater than 4 nines and the durability guarantee of 11 nines. We are focused on patient outcomes and never sell our data for marketing purposes.

As we look to provide the foundation for 21st-century precision medicine for behavioral health, we have prioritized the security and privacy of PGHD and our behavioral health measurement technology. In our mission to help the one third of Americans experiencing depression and anxiety symptoms, we are dedicated to safeguarding the sensitive information patients share with their providers and to protecting their trusted relationships with their healthcare provider.


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