A Behavioral Health Vital Sign

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Ellipsis Health uses  Artificial Intelligence to solve the unmet needs of Behavioral Health, starting with Depression and Anxiety. 


The Problem

The majority of behavioral health conditions are left unrecognized.

27% of people in the US have Depression and 18% suffer from Anxiety. 60% of all people with Chronic Conditions also have Depression, which leads to higher cost and poorer outcomes. Unfortunately, there are no metrics based tools to measure behavioral health or treatment efficacy.


We need a better way to quantify behavioral health. Period.

of people in the
US have Depression
of people in the
US have Anxiety
of all people with Chronic
Conditions also have Depression

Solution: Ellipsis Health

Ellipsis Health is developing the standard for mental health.

Our mission? Establish natural speech as a behavioral health vital sign.


We offer a real-time, scalable, and accurate way to measure anxiety and depression. We have developed the first speech-based vital sign for Depression and Anxiety. Our machine-learning algorithms only require a few minutes of natural speech to create a real-time assessment of Anxiety and Depression. Speech collection can fit seamlessly into the care delivery workflow.

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behavioral health vital sign?


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