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Improving Emotional Wellbeing at Scale with Voice Tech

Mainul I Mondal, Founder and CEO of Ellipsis Health

At Ellipsis Health, our team is seeking to transform how emotional health and wellbeing are understood and treated globally. To achieve this challenging goal, we have leveraged the power of voice to identify depression and anxiety symptoms at scale by using AI and machine learning to analyze just two to three minutes of patient speech. Given the complexity of mental healthcare delivery, our technology has been created with utmost commitment to scientific validation, clinical applicability and guarding the privacy of patient data.

Scientific Leadership

Ellipsis Health’s scalable deep learning models harness tone of voice, speech acoustics and natural language to evaluate a person’s emotional health. Our artificial intelligence-powered technology analyzes elements like low pitch energy, compressed range, pausing/rate of speech as well as negative sentiment, first-person pronouns and hedges. Rich analytics are produced from patients’ recorded responses and are shared in real-time with their care teams.

We have benchmarked our approach against the best-performing AI systems, and our results show significantly better performance in regression error metrics Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE) and Mean Absolute Error (MAE). Unlike other AI approaches, our development and test results are highly stable, which means our models do not overt and can generalize well to new populations and across patient demographics including age, gender and ethnicity. Our models learn their features directly from data, without reliance on predetermined features. As a result, we see continual performance gains as our data resources increase, and our models are able to generalize to unseen patient data.

Clinical Integration

Ellipsis Health was created by a diverse team that includes clinicians who understand what providers need in a digital health solution to have the greatest impact on patient care. Our app enables payers and providers to reach individuals at scale to identify those in need of mental healthcare with ease.

We have invested significant time and focus on integrating into the clinical workflow and supporting the doctor-patient journey. Our user-friendly infrastructure makes it simple to grow from 10 patients to 10 million patients. We offer a dashboard with insights and actions that have been specifically designed to embed seamlessly into a practice’s workflow. Patients receive an engaging text or email introduction to a provider’s co-branded website that details why and how to download the app. Once downloaded, we provide a three-minute onboarding orientation with detailed instructions.

Privacy Dedication

At Ellipsis Health, we respect our customers' right to privacy and security and value the trust they put in us. Our goal is to go beyond the industry standard of regulatory compliance and define new standards for security and privacy.

We comply with the following:

● The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a set of national standards for the protection of certain health information that specifically protects PHI and PII held or transmitted in any form or media. In compliance with HIPAA, access to information is limited to HIPAA-trained individuals on an as-needed basis.

● General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which sets a new standard for consumer’s rights regarding their data as it takes a wide view of what constitutes PII, which could be thought of as the non-health information constituting PHI.

We also encrypt all data across channels and in storage, and backup all data daily to safeguard against any unforeseen occurrences like system malfunction, accidental deletion, service outages, etc. All our internal systems require Two-Factor identification (2FA) for employees. This is an extra layer of security used to make sure that people who try to gain access to an account are who they say they are. When data is made available in our analytical system for our machine learning team, we strip data of all PII so that it neither identifies nor provides a reasonable basis to identify an individual. We perform annual security audits by a third party to ensure all practices and procedures meet the highest industry standards.


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