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The Only Clinically Validated Vital Sign for
Mental Health

We believe that our mental health should have the same priority as our physical health. We’re connecting the dots between the two – giving voice to a new standard of care. 

Early identification of anxiety, and depression

Harnessing the human voice as a biomarker for mental health and wellbeing along with machine learning and AI, Ellipsis Health generates a clinical-grade assessment of the severity of anxiety and depression.

Now, through innovation we have a vital sign to help us better understand and care for our mental health and wellbeing. 

How It Works

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How Ellipsis Health's technology works with the human voice as a biomarker for mental health along with Artificial Technology to detect the severity of anxiey and depression

The mental health epidemic is at an all time high,

impacting the wellbeing of our families, our friends and the productivity of society at large.


one struggles from the onset of mental health symptoms before they receive a diagnosis


of the US population is reporting mental health conditions, including 32% with depression or anxiety

1in 4

Americans have a treatable mental health condition, but most don’t get identified


total annual costs for the US

Mental health screening is vital.

Today, there is no objective and scalable measure for the severity of anxiety and depression. 

We’re solving that problem

Our technology identifies, measures, and monitors the severity of depression and anxiety at scale by analyzing a short voice sample – creating an objective and scalable clinical decision support tool.

Partnering with payers, providers, employers and digital health companies we are positively impacting the quality of care, shortening the time to diagnosis, driving workflow efficiencies, reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.

At a Glance


seconds of voice to identify mental health conditions


mental health conditions supported - anxiety and depression 


aspects of speech - our technology supports both acoustics and semantics


labeled minutes of speech and counting


issued US patents, a number of patents pending driving best in class technology 


published papers in top speech journals


IRBs with top academic institutions and healthcare companies

The unique power of the human voice

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